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I hope you will find the content interesting and above all useful for your business initiatives and your professional growth.
Let me introduce myself with an infographic which summarizes my skill set and professional background. 
You may start browsing from a blog article that focuses on the path I followed to digitally update (click on the button below). I feel this is a good way to share a vision and get to know each other better. Because, as the saying goes:
“If you want to get first, run alone; if you want to get far, walk together “.
Enjoy the reading! 😃

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Below you will find the activities I carry out, as an independent professional, for client companies and that represent the main topics of my Blog.
The “Learn more” buttons will take you to introductory articles within the Blog.

sales and marketing b2b

Interim Manager / Consultant for Sales Enablement projects with a focus on Digital Transformation

augmented and virtual reality

Immersive Technologies Solution Provider

in Sales and Marketing

in Product Development and Process Management

in Training

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality web searches topics popularity in the past 12 months - category business & industrial. Data keeps updating in real time.

industry 4.0

Interim Innovation Manager / Consultant

Enabling Solutions which apply Digital Innovation Technologies

Enabling Solutions that comply to the Italian Industry 4.0 Regulations, giving access to relevant fiscal benefits

Managing Digital Transformation Projects


Seminars for training and information

Workshops for hands-on activities

Knowledge and Passion


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